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new firm of accountants dynamite existing fee structures

Navigators have relied on the North Star to chart their course for centuries. Similarly North Star chartered accountants guide and protect you in these troubled economic times. Our service is solid, steady and strong - as constant and reliable as the North Star.

Some specific assurances

Your point of contact will always be a fully qualified accountant or tax practitioner. The same person will be your contact at all times barring holidays and sick leave.

It will never be our intention to significantly increase your fee in the second, third or subsequent years. Our objective is to give consistently exceptional value throughout. Occasionally there will be cases where because of the volume of time committed to your work the original percentage saving given in year one will not be sustainable but if that were to be the case you will be forewarned in good time and given a fixed price in advance of the work. Rest assured that our over-riding aim will be to maintain the saving enjoyed in year one.