North Star - chartered accountants and business advisers.

Offices: York, Scarborough, Bridlington and Rotherham
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new firm of accountants dynamite existing fee structures

Navigators have relied on the North Star to chart their course for centuries. Similarly North Star chartered accountants guide and protect you in these troubled economic times. Our service is solid, steady and strong - as constant and reliable as the North Star.

How we achieve savings in fees

Quite simply we are working on much lower rates of profitability than is the norm for the profession. By offering such good Value For Money we can take advantage of the economies of scale by acting for a large portfolio of clients. However you will receive personal attention at all times.

We work from low overhead offices. For clients within travelling distance of York Science Park, meetings are held there. Alternatively meetings can be at your business premises. We also have offices in Scarborough, Bridlington and Rotherham.

We are very experienced accountants used to working efficiently yet thoroughly. You can be assured that we never cut corners.