North Star - chartered accountants and business advisers.

Offices: York, Scarborough, Bridlington and Rotherham
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new firm of accountants dynamite existing fee structures

Navigators have relied on the North Star to chart their course for centuries. Similarly North Star chartered accountants guide and protect you in these troubled economic times. Our service is solid, steady and strong - as constant and reliable as the North Star.

Do you qualify to become a client of North Star?

We seek to only deal with clients who are honest and straightforward in their business dealings.

We expect this to be a long term relationship characterized by trust on both sides.

Whilst we work for you not the taxman we will never knowingly present inaccurate information to HMRC nor will we deviate from best professional practice.

Because we are working on very low margins we simply cannot stand any bad debts whatsoever - it would destroy our business model. Once we have met you and agreed the fee for the work to be carried out we ask that the fee be paid in advance - the money is paid into a specially designated Barclays Bank Client Account and only released to us when the agreed work has been finalized and delivered to you. You are therefore protected against any risk of us failing to undertake the work - if that were to happen (and it most certainly will not) your money would be refunded in full.

Initially we are covering the whole of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire but if you are outside of those areas we are willing to consider acting for you.

We expect our clients to present their books and records in fair (not always perfect) order.